Picture your school children being in a choir with up to 9,000 other young voices, all coming together in a massive arena. It’s an unparalleled experience, far surpassing the typical school concert, and it truly fosters confidence and community by uniting the joy of singing on a grand scale. It’s no wonder that over a quarter of the primary schools in the UK have been part of the Young Voices experience.

teacher in the choir

Here’s how your school can get involved: 

On the day of the concert, your choir will rehearse together for the first time, creating a mesmerising blend of voices. Then, brace yourselves for a breathtaking concert performance, we even sprinkle in a few special guest artists and we enlist the UK’s leading sound and light technicians to showcase the choir. Trust us, the excitement and energy in the arena will be an unforgettable sensation for each child. This will undoubtedly be the most memorable school trip of the year!

  • For a single subscription price of £111, your school can bring as many children as you like. 
  • We’ll equip you with everything you need and provide all the resources to make this experience unforgettable. You don’t even need to be a music specialist; the resources will prepare your choir like never before.
  • Once you’ve paid the subscription fee, you’ll receive the Music Book, which includes a repertoire of songs and medleys with lyrics and conductor’s notes specifically arranged for the Young Voices Choir of 2025. 
  • Additionally, you and everyone involved in the YV choir will gain access to the online learning platform where the children and their parents can listen to the music and watch dance move tutorials — an especially helpful resource for rehearsals at home when you can’t be in the classroom with your choir. 
  • To support you throughout the journey, we provide a comprehensive online Teacher Guide booklet that covers everything from the initial rehearsal period to pre-concert preparation and on-the-day concert support. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. 
  • As an addition, we also offer teachers the option to purchase a Teacher Workshop. Teacher Workshops are an excellent CPD day and a valuable learning experience for all teachers that attend.
Teacher and children

"Thank you for providing our children with such a special opportunity. The concert is undoubtedly the highlight of our school's musical calendar. We are especially grateful for your support in accommodating our special needs pupils, it makes a significant difference to our schools participation".